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We believe that it is our unique strength & ability to maneuver that makes our projects happen.

EXIM Finance is a well-connected finance facilitation company incorporated in 2017. In very simple words, we arrange affordable finance for your company projects using various strategies. We are headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and have got representation in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. Our large team consists of ex-investment, corporate & commercial bankers, CAs, CFAs, Business Graduates & Engineers. We are extremely well connected with Export Banks and Credit Insurance (both ECAs & private).

exim finance


Our mission is to emerge as the leading financing partner for Global Export and Import ventures, ushering in innovative sustainable project funding solutions. We aim to offer robust strategic and structural financial counsel, leveraging and fortifying our extensive Global insurance and banking networks.

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Salah Al Nasser - sustainability leader.
"Seeds of sustainable investment today, bloom greener and brighter tomorrow"
exim finance

Chairman's Message

“We specialize in strategic advisory and structuring of project finance for both exporters and importers, in any type of industry and country, worldwide. Our team has extensive international experience. We work very closely with sponsors, investors, funds, government entities, banks, and export credit agencies. We provide the appropriate funding solution for each selected project.”

  • Salah Ibrahim Al Nasser

    Chairman of the Board
    Chief Executive Officer

meet the


Salah Al Nasser sustainability leader

Salah Al Nasser


Seasoned leader with a proven track record in investment strategies,export finance, international trade. Expert in cultivating corporate growth and forging key relationships across industries, while driving success in dynamic environments for over 25 years.

Green energy finance dubai/mena

Anshul Dawani

Managing Partner

Facilitated multimillion-dollar ventures, cultivated lasting partnerships, and steered high-stakes projects to fruition. Keen on sculpting a strategic roadmap that aligns your financial aspirations with the greater goal of a resilient, sustainable energy projects. As a Managing Partner with EXIM Finance, let us transcend boundaries, challenge conventions, and fuel innovation in sectors that mold the world of tomorrow.

Recycling projects financing dubai/mena

Ranadil Mizan

Associate Partner

An experience of over 26 years in Banking & Finance Industry. Held leadership and senior positions in Citibank, Standard Chartered, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank etc. Well versed in products & structuring of ECA Finance, Corporate Finance, Syndications, Islamic Finance, Leasing Models etc. A sport enthusiast, historophile and xenophile

Green investment dubai /mena


Head of Operations

Seasoned Head of Operations with a strong record of overseeing and optimizing core business processes. Strategic thinker skilled in team leadership, process enhancement, and cross-functional collaboration. Committed to driving operational excellence and achieving impactful results in environmental sustainability projects

Export import financing dubai/mena

Shiela Marie Anne Casabar

Project Manager

CPA with 10+ years of experience, successfully navigating the intricacies of global finance while specializing in project and export finance management. Through unique blend of her financial acumen, sustainable insights, and purpose-driven leadership, she is dedicated to shaping a future where profitability aligns harmoniously with the well-being of our planet

export import financing

Shahul Hameed

Project Finance Manager

An ACCA member, with 5+ years experience specializes in export project financing, trade finance, and commodity trading solution, and Auditing, Assurance and Management accounting services. Skilled in project analysis, risk assessment, contract review, and networking. With a strong foundation in auditing, accounting, and advisory services, well-versed in industry standards like GAAS, IFRS, IAS, and ISA.

What We Offer


project finance awards

We offer strategic financial advisory services and structuring of project and equipment financing. We offer a wide variety of financial solutions to enable import and export projects, worldwide.

energy project finance

We provide and structure turn-key financial solutions for carefully chosen exceptional projects and enter as Joint Venture partners into the proposed ventures or projects.

project and export finance

We provide third-party, full-faith guarantees for the issuance of Export Credit Agency Insurance for selected projects.

dubai sustainable city project

We structure and arrange short-term trade financing / insurance solutions for trade financing.

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5 Key Sectors

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  • Genetic Medicine


  • Oncology Pharma


  • Vaccine Production

    United Arab Emirates

Exim Finance is a dynamic and visionary company at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare through innovative projects and solutions. With a steadfast commitment to improving global well-being, We are dedicated to advancing healthcare practices, and shaping the future of medical excellence. We have projects ranging from the manufacturing of essential medicines to auto-injectables and pre-field syringes for the global market.

environmental sustainability projects
  • Aquaculture Farm


  • Dutafic Projects


  • Naylor Nutrition

    United Kingdom

  • AgroMix UAQ

    United Arab Emirates

We are visionary leaders in the realm of food security projects, dedicated to addressing the global challenge of ensuring a stable and sustainable food supply for present and future generations. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, collaboration, and transformative solutions, we stand at the forefront of transforming agricultural and food security dreams into reality.

  • Biogas Bangalore


  • Biogas Project


  • Sewage Treatment Plant

    South Africa

  • Solar Park


Exim Finance is a leader in the sustainable energy revolution, devoted to offering innovative solutions that harness the potential of alternative energy sources while advocating environmental stewardship and global sustainability. We stand as a light of progress in the search for renewable energy and sustainable living, with a strong commitment to a cleaner, greener future. Our goal is to hasten the transition to a more sustainable energy future. We aspire to develop affordable, scalable, and environmentally responsible energy solutions that minimize our dependency on fossil fuels, alleviate climate change, and propel us toward a better, more sustainable future.

green mining
  • Gold Mining


  • Gold Mining


  • Pozzolana Mining


Exim Finance is a premier leader in the dynamic world of gold mining, recognized for its unwavering commitment to responsible extraction, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable resource management. With a legacy of excellence and a vision for the future, We are dedicated to unlocking the hidden potential of precious metals while prioritizing environmental stewardship and community development Our mission is to be the gold standard in responsible mining practices. We strive to maximize the value of precious metals through innovative extraction techniques, all while minimizing our environmental footprint, supporting local communities, and contributing to global economic growth

future sustainable projects
  • Vitamin Drinks

    United Arab Emirates

  • Grinding Plant

    Sri Lanka

  • Medical Bandages


  • Building Material

    United Arab Emirates

Exim Finance stands as a formidable force in the realms of industrial manufacturing projects, recognized for its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable development. With a rich legacy of transforming concepts into tangible structures and engineering solutions, We are dedicated to reshaping skylines and powering industries while prioritizing excellence and environmental responsibility.

Our Process

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